Marine wind MAst-r SysteM

The Mast-R Wind Turbine is permanently mouinted on your mast

This video shows the installation of the Mast-R and how it harnesses the wind.......again and again. We are happy to create custom sizes and colors to compliment your vessel. You can add custom cut-outs, shapes or logos.



Wind is a sailor's currency - spend it on powering your auxilary systems.

Sailing great L. Francis Herreshoff once said "You should not try to lug along what you are trying to leave behind." We couldn't agree more. Why would you want your sailing experience to be governed by having to plug in on shore or disturb your peace with the sound of a generator?


Reasons Sailors Love the Mast-R

The Mast-R Wind System

Mast-R consists of two Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs) made of powder-coated aluminum. Unlike horizontal turbines, the VAWT design automatically adjusts to variances in wind speed and direction - perfect for sailing. The turbines are mounted with non-distructive attachment points at a minimum height of 12 feet.  



Height 28 - 48" (custom sizes available)
Weight 47-54 pounds each
Swept Area 3-9 feet
Watts Per Set 700 to 1.2 Kw
Corrosion Resistance Powder-Coated Standard White (custom colors available)
Mounting 2 point for stability in harsh environment
Power Generation Rare Earth Permanent Magnets
Delivery 4 to 6 weeks

Customized Specification Form For Your Boat


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